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We are skilled at getting BIG media results.


Using Celebrities

We are linked to many big names that can get you big media traction.


Media Crisis

Media Key has extensive expertise in media crisis & crisis communication.

Public Relations Agency Australia – Media Key

Your prestigious reputation is everything. Bad publicity can literally damage an organisation’s name in a matter of hours.

Media Key is here to protect your precious reputation in the market place. Our reputation is to always provide savvy insightful counsel – we know EXACTLY how to handle many different types of scenarios.

With a massive 30 years of experience, Media Key knows precisely how to create deal with complex issues … and how to create high impact and effective publicity and PR campaigns that get noticed in a big way.

We literally have extensive media contacts absolutely everywhere – in TV, radio, press, magazines and social media. We know exactly who to go to to place a story and to get you the coverage you need. We know the best ways forward to stop coverage “getting out of hand”,

Media Key has run hundreds of PR campaigns over the years. Many of Australia’s biggest companies have turned to Media Key to engage Media Key to run major PR campaigns. We have delivered in spades.

Media Key has worked with an extensive range of clients in both the not-for-profit and corporate sectors.

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Here you will see many examples of the huge results driven campaigns we have done.


Video about the powerful work of Media Key

Media Key worked on a big campaign to highlight the issue of deafblindness across Australia

Just some of the huge TV coverage generated for an awareness campaign on alcohol related violence

The Salvation Army called on Media Key to generate big results for a major alcohol awareness campaign


Stop fluffing about!

We live in a savvy snappy hi-tech world moving faster...

Know Your Product

ANY successful media encounter needs simple and critical ingredients. Insight,...

Handling a PR Crisis

One of the first things some companies do if a...


Some of the images from powerful campaigns Media Key has
worked on.

Media Key has worked extensively with a massive list of celebrities on many different campaigns.Using celebrities for public relations helps with TV / radio interviews, print coverage and community service announcements.

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