By Ross Woodward, MD of Media Key

There’s always so much to learn in PR and the media. Media has never been changing faster. Not at any single time.

We’re in an info-overload society where – sometimes – it’s hard for people… especially young Australians … to compute the gallons on info being pumped out everywhere.Here’s what I know. We need more TRUTH. We need more info about how it IS not how it looks or how it ought to be.

At Media Key we passionately believe the truth is simply a very powerful weapon – there to be used. We’ve all got a story to tell. What consumers want is no spin, no angles, no lies and they want to know why they need the info and what it really truly and honestly means.

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By Ross Woodward, MD of Media Key

More than ever consumers are screaming out for this. Who’s got the time for all the froth and bubble nonsense? In the years ahead there will be less spinning, less nonsense and much more common sense PR. Consumers can always see straight through lies and manufactured messaging. How stupid – for God’s sake – do we think consumers really are? The new century connectors are more SAVVY than ever. The power of social media now means one dumb comment before you board a plane may have finished a career within hours. And that’s because people want truth and they want their say.What truly amazes and inspires me is how fast and sharp young people are now – the consumers of the new century. We may think cynicism is on the rise. It ain’t. It’s heading the other way! In fact more and more people want to use their influence for the power of good and the power to change a wrong and make it right – or at least much better. Amen to them. The warrior consumers ahead want meaningful change powered by light and love. Doesn’t that just make you feel downright good to be alive?

We know this. At a time of rapid change, media consumers want messages that tell them how it is. PR Companies in Sydney or Melbourne that don’t get that are missing something critical. “Snowing” people gets you to a busstop called nowhere. People see straight through the wonky glass.In the words of the Clash’s long forgotten breakup album, its well and truly time to “cut the crap”. Google the phrase “the truth”. It has 138,000,000 entries. It’ll have even more soon. And yes the phrase “lies” has a huge number of entries – 100,000,000… but who wins?

Ross Woodward has worked in media for over 25 years including the BBC, Herald-Sun, Age, ABC Radio News and a PR career spanning over 20 years. He loves his family, life, spirit and making changes for the better. He isn’t big on lies and loves the higher truth for obvious reasons.Both comments and pings are currently closed.