Stop bagging the media.

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There’s a real tendency these days to bag the media.

They are too “negative.”  They don’t “help.”  They just want to “do people over”.

The accusations fly thick and fast.  All too often.

Here is my experience.

MOST people I have encountered in the media – over a 20 plus year period – are hard working people who are trying to do their job…which is to inform, report and entertain.  They want to get stories right – and get the facts right.

What is more is media often adopt and go out of their way to help with good causes – because they care and because they connect with positive energy.  In bucketloads.  We love this!!!

Media today work fast and have to move at a bullet speed… because of ever increasing deadlines…and fewer and fewer staff.

It is TIME we said THANKS for a healthy and highly productive media more often.

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God knows, in countries where there’s no or little free press it IS a truly truly truly scary thing.

My view – put simply – is that if someone’s suing a major media outlet like Fairfax … and I am a BIG fan of Fairfax – it is all too often because there IS a story there.  Not always the case… however journos often risk their neck because they want the facts out there …and the truth.

And that brings me to a very key point.  Isn’t that what we expect of media?  Not to be messed about.  Not to be stonewalled.  But media that tell it the way it is… and that’s always a very powerful weapon.