I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that Ross Woodward and Media Key stand head and shoulders above every other consultant and firm with whom I have worked. He and his group are hugely focused and attentive, with great consideration of the needs of the client, much attention to detail and to getting the understanding of the client’s needs exact and and that is just the starting point, but an absolutely fundamental starting point which he never neglects.

His comprehensive but strategic approach then to relevant media is based on enormous experience and the widest range of personal contacts, and his hallmark, persistence. I think in the long run it is this persistence, built on dedication to getting the groundwork right, which brings the results he has every right to be proud of, and which have helped me in my work so much.

He has also demonstrated to me one more than one occasion his resourcefulness and resilience in handling a PR crisis.He is constantly available, and constantly thinking.

I have no hesitation in recommending Ross and Media Key to anyone seeking assistance with PR firms, public relations or other work with any form of media.