We worked with Media Key on a campaign to highlight the damage being done to Australia’s rock art and the reasons why we need to protect it. Ross and his excellent team at Media Key approached me after hearing about this and soon convinced me they had the necessary skills and resources to achieve my goal. On 31 May we launched our campaign in Sydney with a full day of interviews and help from celebrity Jack Thompson.

Media Key choreographed the whole event, a very complex task, but it went off without a hitch as Ross was by our side juggling several phones, camera crews, enthusiastic journalists and several other things with the ease of a seasoned performer. I was extremely impressed with his professionalism, organisational skills and media connections, all of which contributed to a very long day running smoothly.

He has an incredible ability in this regard, able to draw out all the necessary information, key messages clients wish to convey and other important things from clients even when they are not really sure of these things themselves.

With his highly dedicated and hard-working staff he then helped organise a website, a low cost television advertisement, a superb media release, celebrity involvement, footage for television to be used on the day of the campaign and, of course, a wide range and lengthy set of interviews with the media. The result was absolutely wonderful and far more than expected.

I highly recommend Ross Woodward and Media Key to anyone needing assistance with any form of media campaign. The team at Media Key get outstanding results. You will not be disappointed!