I have known Ross as a media consultant for almost a decade across three organisations. I used Ross in my most recent media release as CEO of the Community Council for Australia.

In every instance where I have worked with Ross, Media Key have far exceeded initial expectations of how much media coverage might be obtained. There have been occasions when Ross has been able to generate more than 65 media interviews across a 48 hour period covering key media outlets. Even with the most difficult message and relatively unexciting news, Ross works extremely hard to generate interest and understanding within the media.

Perhaps just as importantly, Ross always ensured that both the message and the organisation giving the message were very clearly communicated.

In summary, I have worked with Ross for over a decade and have found him to be the most determined, focused and committed media person I know.

I have strongly recommended the services of Media Key as a PR firm to at least three other organisations, all of whom have thanked me for the referral.