Truth be told there’s one key element that needs to be prominent in any PR campaign.

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It’s the element that surprises an audience.

Shocks them.

Makes them stop and reconsider.

Reevaluate.  Stop in their tracks.

It’s nothing more complex than …

the simple truth.

And in a world of webspin and damned lies it’s getting rarer.

We simply cannot understand quite WHY.

Truth is always your most powerful weapon.

It’s the cavalry, so call ‘em in.

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What surprises me often about many PR Campaigns others do is how complex they make them… and how – in  trying to achieve everything – people achieve little instead.

Right now we live in a shocking age where many people in audienceland expect lies from politicians… and more lies.

There’s almost no expectation of truth.

In the corporate jungle it can sometimes be the same … major organisations finding the next angle and avoiding getting to the point.

T he real power of truth is that we ALL know what it sound like.

R eally we do – honest.

U nquestionably consumers prefer honesty to a Walt Disney castle.

T hat means when you have a campaign get to the REAL nub of the issue.

H ow can you fail when you hit them with something so powerful.

Right now millenials are disengaging from politics because they know they are being lied to – and they know what lies sound and smell like.

Right now millenials are turning to people who have credibility and speak their language.  People they can connect to.

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Right now millenials want to work in companies that make the world a better place.

That… is the simple truth.

Ross Woodward is a big fan of the way it is… and all Media Key PR campaigns focus on truth related messages.

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