Media Key has run numerous campaigns to promote the appeal which is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Foundation in partnership with the ANZ

The appeal raises money to help intensive care units save more lives.

Highlights of the PR campaign included:

  •   The media exposure was valued at $3.9 million
  •   Huge celebrity support from over 30 top names including James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, David Boon, Tracey Wickham, Mark Taylor and General Peter Cosgrove
  •   Woman’s Day ran 2 major editorial pieces to support the appeal with Olympic legend Debbie Flintoff-King urging Australians to help save a life
  •   The Prime Minister of Australia (following Media Key’s approach) launched the appeal at an event that gave strong exposure to the foundation and the ANZ
  •   11 different TV shows gave exposure to the appeal including numerous national programs such as Today Tonight, the 7.30 Report, Sunrise, National Nine News, Sports Tonight and others.
  •   Media Key locked in 8 separate capital city radio station partners promoted the appeal
  •   Over 300 separate papers ran giveaways to promote the appeal and the ANZ’s involvement – giving the campaign enormous print media exposure. Put simply over half of all Australian newspapers gave exposure to this initiative and to the ANZ.
  •   Prime Television donated a substantial amount of regional television airtime free of charge to support the appeal and made a free TV ad