This PR program was built to highlight Vegemite’s 80th birthday and the launch of the Happy Little Vegemite Foundation.

The Foundation provided extensive funding to local projects across Australia and there was a huge reaction from local communities to the publicity.

Media Key generated over $7 million worth media coverage for the campaign.

Highlights included:

  •   Over $2 million worth of media exposure was generated
  •   Tammy van Wisse helped promote Vegemite’s 80th Birthday
  •   587 separate extensive media promotions including television interviews, television news pieces, newspaper promotions, radio promotions and radio interviews
  •   418 separate papers ran a guaranteed promotion for the foundation following Media Key setting up the promotions. In simple terms Media Key generated coverage in over 66% of all Australian newspapers – an enormous result.
  •   18 different major celebrities supported the foundation including international hit film director Baz Luhrmann (Australia, Strictly Ballroom, The Great Gatsby), Steve Moneghetti, James Blundell and Louise Sauvageh
  •   32 separate television pieces took place
  •   21 capital city radio newsdesks ran pieces about the foundation’s launch
  •   23 capital city/regional radio interviews
  •   14 capital city radio stations ran promotions for the foundation
  •   79 regional radio stations ran promotions for the foundation