Media Key has run numerous campaigns for Walt Disney consumer products on friendship. The campaigns have strongly linked friendship and Winnie The Pooh (Pooh is the UN international ambassador for friendship).

Our role included everything from creating the shape of the campaign, advice on which charities to support, locking in huge media partners and obtaining the support of high level celebrities.

A major free event held for Friendship Day attracted over 200,000 visitors. Incredibly, no advertising was used for the event … all the promotion was done by Media Key.

Highlights included:

  •   Media exposure was valued at $5.7 million
  •   TV personality John Wood worked with Media Key on Disney’s Friendship Day
  •   TV coverage on many major TV shows
  •   Magazine coverage spreading over 8 pages in The Australian Women’s Weekly … Media Key arranged the full support of AWW.
  •   Partnerships with radio stations who contributed over $150,000 worth of free airtime and helped drive 200,000 people to one event stage for Friendship Day.
  •   Magazine coverage in many publications including NW, TV Week and other magazines.
  •   21 separate magazines ran pieces
Over 150 newspapers ran pieces to support the campaign as a result of media selling