There are many reasons why Gen Y is already switched off to politicians trying to communicate to us from a Federal and State level.

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Many of our most successful politicians are no longer being heard by the electorate.

The electorate – it seems – just are not listening.

And here at Media Key we think one of the reasons is down to passion.

When people are being interviewed by media it’s rare you see phenomenal enthusiasm and real passion from politicians.

Yet the fact is that most politicians are – in fact – very hard working people who make staggering sacrifices for a life in public.

They sacrifice their time on a massive and scary scale …with their partners, wives, husbands, children, dogs, cats and goldfish.

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They open themselves up to constant ridicule in the community.

It looks much easier than I am certain it is.

It’s TOUGH being a politician.

Yet. How often do we hear REAL passion coming through? REAL desire to change society for the better. Sure, it’s there underneath …at a certain level … but how often do we HEAR it?

This brings me the central point of this blog.

What we know as a leading PR agency in Australia is this.

You HAVE to have passion in the mix in a big way. ALWAYS.

Passion in an interview – no matter what cause or message you are representing – is, frankly, everything.

Tell people WHY they should be listening to you and your messages – and why the message is important.

Selling the reasons for change is always a vital part of any interview.

And be human … too often (and who knows why) people are afraid to be themselves in front of a camera or a microphone. So … the passion locks up. Or disappears altogether.

The very best interviews you’ll ever hear are full of quality information… and passion.

It sets the tone…and it’s what connects us.

You cannot manufacture it. You cannot just magic it out of thin air.

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And anyone listening to you or watching you at the other end will know if it’s fake.

Gen Y are over fake and are sassy, smart, optimistic and looking to create a better world.

And they love passion.

When it’s real we all hear it.

Ross Woodward is principal of Media Key. Media Key is one of Australia’s leading PR agencies. It is a PR Agency located in Melbourne and operating across Australia. Ross loves communicators with passion.

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