Having worked in both the BBC and ABC … and around the media for over twenty three years … you get a sense of what media love to snaffle up.

Bad news, bad news and – yup gloomy news… with cake and coffee.

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Always goes down well. Yum.

Is it really what we want to hear or know about?


Nevertheless negatives sell Big time.

Our media is tuned to looking for people who are willing to criticise other organisations, other politicians, other new tax moves, other ideas that have gone wrong and much more.

They are there to educate, inform and entertain.

The fact is though … It’s all perception.. and all where you choose to put your focus.

In fact there are thousands and thousands of good news stories around us every day.


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We choose at Media Key to WANT to make a difference. To change the world for the better.

We love it when we are given the chance to work with organisations who are demanding social change … for the better.

PR firms in Australia make many choices every day. PR Firms in Sydney and PR firms in Melbourne make constant calls.

We choose passion… energy and a very real desire to serve and help. It’s the coat we wear (extra large please!)

Here’s just a few of the people we have worked with who have utterly inspired us.

Paul Tacon – one of Australia’s mightiest warriors. He’s dedicated his life to trying to protect Australia’s precious rock art. Much of it – over 40,000 years old (possibly 60,000) has been damaged. It’s our crown jewels. Look up his work – he’s amazing.

Carol Bennett – now working with Alzheimer’s Australia. She has an incredible determination to make the universe a better place. Her work with the Consumers Health Forum fighting to raise awareness over the shocking prices Australians pay for medicines and many other consumer causes was remarkable in any one’s language.

Brian Scarsbrick. A few farmers – over 25 years ago – decided enough was enough and started a tiny grass roots movement called Landcare. Under Brian’s passionate stewardship it because a colossal force that was even exported overseas. We have been a big part of that journey.

Gino Vumbaca. The driving force behind the Australian National Council on Drugs. Ordered numerous vital and much needed reports that took a long hard look at everything from drug testing in schools to cannabis. A powerhouse on legs.

Garth Popple. Runs an amazing organsation called WHO’s … We Help Ourselves. And they do. Works (and has for years) in the frontline of helping addicts get out of the devastating spirals of all sorts of drugs. A man on a big mission.

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Gerard Byrne from the Salvos. Runs recovery services and has dedicated his life to serving others. He has changed a massive number of lives by being there, being an ear and a thumpy heart and deciding people always deserve a second chance. WOW.

There are – of course – many many more.

Ask yourself today, WHO are some of the people who have inspired and shaped you?

The list is long … and the good news is that there’s SO many people out there doing so much amazing work.

For those about to rock, we salute you.

Load the cannons. Fire.

Ross Woodward works with the very talented Christine and Eren and others at Media Key. Ross is the principal of Media Key Public Relations. Media Key is a PR firm in Melbourne operating nationally helping organisations across the nation with critical messages.

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