Politics will always be politics …but the simple fact is that it’s time there was much more consensus among our big guns – and much more willingness to fix the big problems.

WHO is fixing the education system trailing behind many countries globally – including Finland and Hong Kong.

WHO is making the education system fairer so young people can get an education and not leave University drowning in debt?

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WHO is fixing the appalling gaps between the lifestyles of the first Australians and those that followed?

WHO is stopping the appalling inequity that means if people love each other they can’t always get married?

WHO is getting our nation to wake up the true horror of domestic violence and all its ugly hidden problems?

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The ABC’s astounding “The Killing Season” has only shown more clearly that politics isn’t grubby, it isn’t horrific, or brutal or dangerous … it’s much much worse than that.

Amazing TV. TV that made you stop and watch. Appalling PR for the Labor party. The light on the hill was pretty damned dimmed.

Blood for all to see – and clear evidence that should you want to have a good friend in politics, seek out the nearest Labrador immediately … because that’s as far as it goes.

Any PR agency in Melbourne or PR Agency in Sydney would have told their client not to take part in the show. It was a brilliant doco … and an amazing insight into the reality of Government. And it was a terrible piece of PR for Labor. Evidence of lies, nastiness and bitterness. And that was just the opening credits.

It is no wonder big issues are not being addressed when such vitriol and nastiness is running rampant.

No wonder millennials are turning away from politics and asking why can’t grown ups be just that little bit more mature.

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As a leading PR Agency in Melbourne we say it IS vital to get your real messages heard loud and clear in this overstuffed market of information.

It’s important to know when you should speak out – and when you should not.

Backstabbing and bitterness don’t sell messages of hope to anyone … they simply spell out chaos and despair. And that does not sell any kind of rosy to future to fine and dandy people from the new millenium ready to fix problems and challenges.

WHO is fixing the future??? Step forward … we need you. Desperately. What size shoes do you take??

Ross Woodward is proud to work with a merry band of fighters at Media Key and loves to help change the world and make it a better place.

Media Key is one of Australia’s best and most creative PR agencies. We aren’t fans of doom. We love light and optimism – and change for the better.

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