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Without doubt one of the greatest gifts you can have in this wild old life is the gift to express.

And at Media Key it’s something we love to do on behalf of clients.

As one of Australia’s leading PR companies it’s something we are passionate about.PR Companies in australia

Package the message.

Present the facts.

Argue the point.

And express.

With the massive rise of social media everyone can now – so easily – strike the pose and express themselves.

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On Twitter. Facebook. Instagram and more.

This is a good thing.

Witness the amazing speed that a simple hash tag urging people to put a bat out for cricketer Phillip Hughes had.

All of a sudden it had lit up like a bonfire … and it went and went… across the globe.

And the tragic deaths in the Sydney siege quickly inspired a massive and amazing carpet of flowers.

From that incident grew a powerful campaign where tens of thousands of people said “I will ride home with you” to show solidarity.

Australia is and remains an amazing success when it comes to multiculturalism.

We always highlight to clients it’s vital to express and push your key messages into the market place in the biggest and brashest way you can.

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We are a PR Agency based in Melbourne working across the nation with media 24/7.

Express with passion. Express with confidence. Express with insight.

Many companies sometimes forget they are the experts in their own field – and they have every right to a voice in the public arena.

You are the expert in the field – so go tell ‘em how it is.

Media get tired of the same old faces demanding exposure.

New point of view are always welcomed.

I recently learnt – to my amazement – that there are more neurons in just one humble human brain than there are people on planet earth.

Hard to believe. True. Stephen Hawking taught me this!

The brain is an absolute powerhouse of wonder.

And just a few seemingly random ideas can quickly connect in the powerful world of PR to become a mighty campaign to change the way others see an issue – and think.

No wonder that charming (and wealthy) New Yorker said Express yourself.

Strike the pose.

by Ross Woodward, principal at Media Key.

Media Key is a PR Agency in Melbourne. We have done PR across Australia and into Asia as well as Canada.

Media Key is a leading PR agency in Australia.

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