Alright then. What’s SO miserable about a positive news story?

Nothing… and that’s the point.

Right now we are all surrounded with a lot of information. TOO much of it. Screaming at us. 24/7. Everywhere. On your ipad, work computer, street corner billboard, iphone, home computer.

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Twitter. Facebook. Newsfeeds. The web. Digital editions.

And here’s the thing. As we head further forward into the exciting future I am certain that what consumers want from news is material to inspire them and stories to lift their day.

News is changing as media wake up more and more to the power of positive news stories. Sure, “gloom” will always sell but consumers are – in our view – looking more and more for positivity and inspiration.

So the challenge for a Public Relations agency in Sydney … or Melbourne … or anywhere in Oz is find new fresh ways of selling POSITIVE news. Find the hooks. Unearth the positives to INSPIRE.

Make no mistake consumers are shifting away from doom-mongering. There’s enough of it around them already. More taxes, higher unemployment, job losses and jobs moving off shore.

Consumers now want to be engaged by positive news and goodwill. It’s little wonder that stories that inspire consumers are getting more traction. We want more light – and less shade. Who doesn’t?

PR companies in Sydney and PR companies in Melbourne are becoming more and more aware of this powerful shift… and at Media Key we are doing more and more projects that are about social change, helping people and making the world a better place. The younger generation inspire me every day with their extraordinary insight. They already automatically KNOW we have a duty to make the world happier – and more helpful. YAY for them.

And doesn’t it all come down to the rules…. as the Dalai Lama says “Learn ALL the rules carefully… so you know how to break them”. Extraordinary advice – and insight.

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Media Key believes ANYTHING is possible with a PR campaign. If it can be visualized, it can be created. If it can be created it is happening. I’ve said this before…the truth is a mighty and powerful weapon. More and more we find simply presenting a sharp clear truthful picture for any campaign is the way to go.

After all, isn’t that what we all want … someone telling us something as straightforward as the way it is./

Ross Woodward is Managing Director of Media Key. He is a former BBC/ABC journalist and has run hundreds of national PR campaigns with his amazing team. He loves a good positive news story – and like the fabbo moth in “A Bug’s Life” – is drawn towards the light.

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