Express Youself, Strike the Pose.

Without doubt one of the greatest gifts you can have in this wild old life is the gift to express. And at Media Key it’s something we love to do on behalf of clients. As one of Australia’s leading PR companies it’s something we are passionate about.PR Companies in australia Package the message. Present the … Continue reading “Express Youself, Strike the Pose.”

For Those About to Rock (Gold Stars)

Hard to forget going up to the large piece of cardboard at school and putting a gold star up by my name because the teacher said so. Always an exciting kiddy kinda moment. And yet all these years down the line it’s always a thrill to get a thank you for a job well done. … Continue reading “For Those About to Rock (Gold Stars)”

Don’t Be So Negative – But it Helps

20 plus years down the line in PR you learn a thing or two. You only have one reputation – so look after it and guard it fiercely (we do). Don’t try to snow journalists – it’s such a waste of energy (we don’t). Help people in media whenever you can in any way you … Continue reading “Don’t Be So Negative – But it Helps”

You Have Every Right To Expect Excellence.

It IS that simple. Your PR firm should be excellent – and nothing less … and should always be striving for just that. It is now over 20 years since Media Key was formed. We have done – since then – literally hundreds of campaigns. High impact initiatives … all focused on results and making … Continue reading “You Have Every Right To Expect Excellence.”

Hong Kong, Finland, Backstabbing, Bitterness and Big Shiny Shoes (step forward)

Politics will always be politics …but the simple fact is that it’s time there was much more consensus among our big guns – and much more willingness to fix the big problems. WHO is fixing the education system trailing behind many countries globally – including Finland and Hong Kong. WHO is making the education system … Continue reading “Hong Kong, Finland, Backstabbing, Bitterness and Big Shiny Shoes (step forward)”