Passion is no ordinary word

How’s your dial tone? Indeed. How is your dial tone? I am old enough to remember phones where you put your finger in to dial the number. Fax machines. The birth of the webby thing. I do not remember Gondwanaland. Communicators come in all kinds of shapes and sizes –  and all kinds of tones. WHO are … Continue reading “Passion is no ordinary word”

Load the cannons …. and fire !

Having worked in both the BBC and ABC … and around the media for over twenty three years … you get a sense of what media love to snaffle up. Bad news, bad news and – yup gloomy news… with cake and coffee. Always goes down well. Yum. Is it really what we want to … Continue reading “Load the cannons …. and fire !”

Really … honestly … TRUTH really matters…

Truth be told there’s one key element that needs to be prominent in any PR campaign. It’s the element that surprises an audience. Shocks them. Makes them stop and reconsider. Reevaluate.  Stop in their tracks. It’s nothing more complex than … the simple truth. And in a world of webspin and damned lies it’s getting rarer. … Continue reading “Really … honestly … TRUTH really matters…”

Passion is – frankly – everything

There are many reasons why Gen Y is already switched off to politicians trying to communicate to us from a Federal and State level. Many of our most successful politicians are no longer being heard by the electorate. The electorate – it seems – just are not listening. And here at Media Key we think … Continue reading “Passion is – frankly – everything”

Put your screen down and CONNECT

Give yourself a pat on the back. There’s everything to be said by giving others encouragement and a well earned “pat on the back”. BUT do we REALLY need to keep photographing ourselves every five minutes and posting it on the web? Or worse … just doing it. And then not posting it. Here are … Continue reading “Put your screen down and CONNECT”