PR Campaign Results

Red Shield Appeal

This massive PR campaign was simply designed to dominate media exposure for The Salvation Army’s huge annual fundraiser. The model Media Key has created provides multi-layers of media exposure and phenomenal value.

The coverage generated was independently analysed by MediaScape (Australia’s biggest independent media valuation service) as worth $15.6 million. The television coverage alone was worth $12.7 million.

Highlights included:

PR Campaign Results - Mediakey50 television interviews and news pieces about the launch of the Red Shield Appeal took place.

TV coverage included the following shows:

    • ABC News Breakfast
    • Channel 9’s Today Show
    • Channel Ten’s Breakfast
    • The Project on Channel Ten
    • Sky News
    • Channel Ten’s Evening News
    • Sunrise on Channel 7
    • Channel 7 Early Morning News
    • Sky Business News
    • ABC Midday News
    • ABC News 24
    • Channel 7 Afternoon News
    • Afternoon Live on News 24
    • ABC TV’s Lateline
    • SBS World News
    • Ten News, Sydney and Melbourne
    • ABC Sydney – syndicated around the ABC Network
    • Channel 7 Melbourne
    • Channel 10 Melbourne
    • Channel 9 Melbourne
    • Triple M, Melbourne
    • Channel 10 Brisbane
    • Channel 7 Brisbane
    • Channel 10 Adelaide
    • Channel 9 Adelaide
    • Channel 7 Adelaide
    • Channel 10 Perth
    • Channel 9 Perth
    • WIN Hobart
    • Southern Cross Launceston
    • ABC Darwin
    • Southern Cross Canberra
    • WIN TV Canberra
    • NBN Newcastle
    • Prime Orange
    • Prime Tamworth
    • Prime Wagga
    • Win Orange
    • Win Wagga
    • Win Wollongong
    • WIN Canberra
    • Prime Ballarat
    • WIN Ballarat
    • Win Mildura – later today
    • WIN Traralgon via Mildura
    • WIN Maroochydore via Rockhampton
    • Southern Cross Tasmania
    • WIN Tasmania
    • WIN Griffith
    • WIN Hervey Bay

Many TV programs mentioned the Appeal thanks to Media Key’s work. These included the following:

    • Today Tonight, national – Channel 7
    • Today Show, national – Channel 9
    • Weekend Today Show, national on Channel 9
    • The Circle, national on Channel 10
    • Breakfast, national on Channel 10
    • Sunrise, national on Channel 7
    • The Morning Show, national on Channel 7
    • The Project, national on Channel 10
    • Channel 10 News (Melbourne)
    • Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, national on Channel 9
    • News Breakfast, national on ABC TV
    • A Current Affair, national on Channel 9
    • Better Homes and Gardens, national on Channel 7
    • The Possum Club, Prime TV
    • Saturday Disney, national on Channel 7
    • Toasted TV, national on Channel 11
    • Getaway – national on Channel 9
    • AFL Game Day – Channel 7
    • Sunday Footy Show – Channel 9
    • Landline – ABC Channel 2
    • Rugby Club – Channel 9
    • Sunday Footy Show – Channel 9
    • Footy Classified – AFL
    • Footy Classified – NRL
    • The Game Plan – AFL
    • The Game Plan – NRL

Media launches in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Launceston, Brisbane and Darwin took place as part of the campaign.

Leader Newspapers in Melbourne and Cumberland Newspapers in Sydney substantially supported The Red Shield Appeal.

Many major papers covered the Appeal including:

    • The Daily Telegraph, Sydney
    • Sydney Morning Herald
    • The Herald Sun, Melbourne
    • Canberra Times
    • The West Australian – ran a front page piece
    • The Mercury, Hobart
    • The Adelaide Advertiser
    • Northern Territory News, Darwin

Media Key generated 15 metropolitan and national feature radio interviews – covering all cities of Australia and over 80 radio interviews covering all states and territories.

We also generated 200 separate newspaper photo shoots for the campaign…a massive exercise and coordinated all the shoots.


Swim and Survive

For Royal Life Saving, Media Key created a large scale PR campaign to highlight that 1 in 5 Australian kids leaving primary school has virtually no swimming skills.

The hard hitting campaign included large scale TV pieces, huge print exposure and many radio interviews plus social media activity and a call to action for members of the public to sign a petition demanding change. Over 13,000 people signed as a result of our work.

Media Key generated over $7 million worth media coverage for the campaign.

TV exposure was – put simply – huge. There were 39 television pieces including 9 national television pieces including:

PR Campaign Results - Mediakey

    1. The Today Show
    2. Sunrise
    3. Sky News
    4. ABC News Breakfast
    5. Ten Morning News
    6. Channel Ten’s Breakfast
    7. The Project
    8. SBS World News
    9. ABC News 24
    10. Seven News, Melbourne
    11. Seven News, Sydney
    12. Channel 9, Melbourne
    13. Channel 10, Melbourne
    14. Channel 10 Brisbane
    15. Channel 10 Adelaide
    16. Channel 9 Afternoon News, Melbourne
    17. Channel 10, Melbourne Ten Late News
    18. Channel 10 Perth
    19. Channel 9, Darwin
    20. WIN TV Hobart
    21. ABC TV Darwin
    22. Southern Cross Ten, Canberra
    23. WIN Canberra
    24. ABC Canberra
    25. WIN Wide Bay, Bundaberg
    26. WIN Townsville
    27. WIN Rockhampton
    28. WIN TV, Coffs Harbour
    29. WIN Cairns
    30. WIN Toowoomba
    31. WIN Sunshine Coast
    32. WIN Hobart
    33. Prime Tamworth
    34. NBN Coffs Harbour
    35. Seven Cairns
    36. Seven Sunshine Coast
    37. Seven Mackay
    38. Prime North Coast, Lismore
    39. Seven Townsville

Over 120 newspaper pieces were generated.

Over 95 radio interviews were generated including:

    • Radio National Breakfast with Fran Kelly
    • ABC Connect Asia
    • 2GB, Sydney
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • 2SM, Sydney
    • 2WS, Sydney
    • Mix 106.5, Sydney
    • 4BC, Brisbane
    • ABC Radio Brisbane
    • 4BH, Brisbane
    • 4KQ, Brisbane
    • 97.3, Brisbane
    • B105, Brisbane
    • Triple M, Brisbane
    • 5AA, Adelaide
    • ABC Adelaide
    • ABC Radio Hobart
    • 2CC, Canberra
    • FM 104.7, Canberra
    • Mix 106.3, Canberra
    • 2CA, Canberra
    • ABC Statewide, NSW

Media Key arranged for major newspaper chains to support the initiative including Cumberland Newspapers in Sydney, Quest Newspapers in Brisbane, Messenger Newspapers in Adelaide and Leader Newspapers in Melbourne.

This huge support resulted in the petition – demanding swimming lessons becoming compulsory in all schools – being signed by over 13,000 people across the nation.

The issue is now firmly on the national agenda and the Federal government are now analysing what needs to happen next.

Able Australia

This extensive PR campaign raised the profile of deafblindness in Australia. Media Key highlighted that there will be over a million deafblind Australians by 2050 and a huge crisis on deafblindness is looming for Australia with hidden costs of at least $10 billion.

3 national television pieces were in place including ABC News Breakfast, Channel Ten’s Breakfast and Channel Ten’s The Circle.

PR Campaign Results - MediakeyOver 65 radio interviews took place including:

    • Gold 104.3 Melbourne
    • Mix, Melbourne
    • FIVEaa, Adelaide
    • 6PR, Perth
    • 6IX, Perth
    • 96 FM, Perth
    • 2SM, Sydney
    • 2GB, Sydney
    • 2CH, Sydney
    • 702 ABC Sydney
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • SBS Radio 97.7 FM
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • ABC Canberra
    • ABC Sydney
    • 4BC, Brisbane
    • ABC Statewide Victoria
    • BAY FM, Geelong
    • 2ST, Nowra
    • 3YB, Warranambool
    • 2GN, Goulburn
    • 2PK, Parkes
    • ABC Tropical North, Mackay
    • 4GY, Queensland
    • 2DU, Dubbo
    • Radio Goolari, Broome
    • 5MU, Murray Bridge
    • 2TM, Tamworth
    • WAY FM, Launceston

Swimmer Duncan Armstrong and comedian Mark Mitchell supported the campaign

Many newspapers across the country ran pieces about the campaign


Alcohol Awareness

The national Alcohol Awareness campaign creates more debate in the community about alcohol, how it is used and the impact it can cause. Over $3.5 million worth of media was generated through pure PR activity.

Our significant campaign has a strong news base.

The research released revealed 4.2 million people say they know families where they think children are not being properly cared for because of someone’s alcohol abuse and 2.9 million people say they know families where they think that children may be unsafe because of someone’s alcohol abuse.

professional public relationsHighlights of the campaign included:

8 national television pieces were generated including:

    • The Today Show on Channel 9
    • Channel Ten’s Breakfast
    • Channel 7’s Sunrise
    • ABC TV’s News Breakfast
    • News 24, Ten’s Morning News
    • Mornings on Channel 9
    • ABC Television prime time news
    • Channel Ten prime time news

Overall there were around 60 television pieces in place including:

    • ABC Brisbane
    • WIN Canberra
    • ABC Darwin
    • Channel 9 Darwin
    • Channel 9 Adelaide
    • Channel 10 Adelaide
    • ABC Adelaide
    • Channel 10 Perth
    • Channel 7 Perth
    • ABC Hobart
    • WIN Hobart
    • Southern Cross TV, Tasmania
    • ABC Canberra
    • Prime Tamworth
    • Prime Orange
    • Prime Albury
    • Prime North Coast
    • WIN Wagga
    • WIN Albury
    • WIN Orange
    • WIN Wollongong
    • Seven Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore
    • Seven Townsville
    • WIN Mackay
    • WIN Toowoomba
    • WIN Maroochydore
    • WIN Bundaberg
    • WIN Cairns
    • WIN Rockhampton
    • WIN Mt. Gambier
    • Southern Cross, Broken Hill
    • WIN Bendigo
    • WIN Shepparton
    • WIN Mildura
    • WIN Gippsland
    • Prime Taree
    • NBN Newcastle
    • Prime Ballarat
    • WIN Ballarat
    • WIN Traralgon
    • Southern Cross, Port Pirie
    • NBN Coffs Harbour
    • WIN Riverland
    • GWN Bunbury
    • WIN Dubbo
    • WIN Townsville
    • WIN Hervey Bay
    • Seven Bundaberg
    • Seven Mackay
    • Prime Wagga
    • Seven Cairns

Over 160 radio stations ran pieces/interviews on this campaign.

29 metropolitan stations did news interviews generated by Media Key in a blitz on news desks.

Launches were done in each capital city – coordinated by Media Key.

There was coverage in numerous national/metropolitan papers including The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, West Australian and the Northern Territory News.



National Indigenous Drug and Alcohol Committee

Major Report on indigenous prisoners and the need for them to be diverted into treatment

Media Key was engaged to raise awareness about the need for non-violent indigenous offenders to be diverted into treatment because data shows that $111,000 can be saved per year per offender by diverting non-violent Indigenous offenders into treatment instead of prison.

Significant exposure has created more debate about the topic.

This included:

4 national television pieces including a major interview on ABC News Breakfast, a full report / package on ABC 7.30 and extensive coverage SBS TV News and NITV News

6 major ABC TV news services in capital cities  ran stories in prime time in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Canberra.

ABC’s high rating Q&A picked the issue up and discussed it for over 2 minutes in prime time.

119 radio interviews were generated for the campaign including:

    • ABC Radio’s AM program
    • Triple J’s ‘The Hack’ program
    • ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine program
    • SBS Radio’s Living Black
    • SBS Radio News
    • 2CC, Canberra
    • 2CA, Canberra
    • 2GB, Sydney
    • 2CH, Sydney
    • 2Day FM, Sydney
    • Triple M, Sydney
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • 2WS, Sydney
    • Mix 106.5, Sydney
    • ABC Sydney
    • 4BC, Brisbane
    • 4BH, Brisbane
    • ABC Darwin
    • 6PR, Perth
    • 6IX, Perth
    • 96 FM, Perth
    • Radio Adelaide
    • Black Chat on Koori Radio

Print media coverage included:

    • The Australian Associated Press ran a piece
    • The Australian newspaper ran an extensive piece
    • Sydney Morning Herald published an opinion piece in relation to the report
    • The Canberra Times ran an extensive piece
    • National Indigenous Times ran an extensive piece
    • Koori Mail ran a piece
    • The West Australian ran a piece


Keep Watch

This campaign was built to alert the public to the need to always watch children / toddlers around water because data shows too many toddlers are still drowning – often in backyard pools.

5 national television pieces were generated for the campaign. On top of this there were numerous other television pieces. These included:

public relations agency

    • Channel 7’s Sunrise
    • Channel Ten’s Morning News
    • Channel Ten’s The Project
    • Sky News
    • ABC News 24
    • Channel 9, Darwin.
    • Channel 10, Brisbane
    • ABC News, Melbourne
    • Channel 10 Melbourne
    • ABC News, Brisbane
    • ABC Perth
    • WIN Television, Canberra
    • WIN Television, Hobart
    • Southern Cross Hobart
    • WIN Television, Wollongong
    • WIN Television, Orange

The Australian newspaper ran a piece in page 3 of the paper.

Over 90 radio interviews took place including:

    • 5AA, Adelaide
    • B105, Brisbane
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • 2SM, Sydney
    • 2Day FM, Sydney
    • Triple M, Sydney
    • 2GB, Sydney
    • 2CH, Sydney
    • 2CC, Canberra
    • 2CA, Canberra
    • Mix 104.7, Canberra
    • Mix 106.3, Canberra
    • 4KQ, Brisbane
    • ABC Radio, Sydney
    • ABC Radio, Brisbane
    • ABC Radio, Hobart
    • 4BC, Brisbane
    • Triple M, Brisbane
    • Mix 102.3, Adelaide
    • Nova 91.9, Adelaide
    • SA FM, Adelaide
    • Triple M, Adelaide
    • Gold 104 FM, Melbourne

Media Key also generated 40 separate photo shoots across the nation for campaign representatives to do including:

    • Melbourne Weekly Bayside
    • St George & Sutherland Shire Leader
    • Northshore Times, Chatswood
    • Northern District Times, Chatswood
    • Geelong Independent
    • Bankstown-Canterbury Torch
    • Gladstone Observer
    • Cranbourne News
    • Manly Daily
    • Fraser Coast Chronicle
    • The Hills News
    • Newcastle Post
    • Daily Liberal, Dubbo
    • Bayside Leader
    • Whitehorse Leader
    • Casey Weekly
    • Pakenham-Berwick Gazette
    • Berwick Leader
    • Hornsby & Upper North Shore Advocate
    • Northern Daily Leader, Tamworth
    • Rockhampton Morning Bulletin
    • Penrith Press
    • Redcliffe & Bayside Herald
    • Coffs Harbour Advocate
    • Macarthur Chronicle


Mental Illness Fellowship of Australia – Launch of MiNetworks

Media Key created an extensive campaign to highlight that at least 100,000 people with mental health issues are now missing out on essential mental health services and less than 50% of people with mental health illness are accessing services.

The campaign also pointed out that it is now estimated the productivity losses linked to joblessness amongst people with a mental illness has now reached at least $10 billion annually and people with serious mental illness have now become some of the most economically and socially marginalised people in society.

Television pieces included:

    • ABC News Breakfast
    • Channel Ten’s Morning News Bulletin
    • Sky News
    • WIN TV Canberra
    • Southern Cross TV in Hobart
    • WIN TV news Hobart
    • Channel 9 Darwin.

A number of capital city papers did stories including the Canberra Times and Northern Territory News

Over 75 radio interviews took place including:

public relations Australia - Mediakey

    • ABC Radio’s National Breakfast program with Fran Kelly
    • ABC’s The World Today
    • ABC Sydney
    • ABC Canberra
    • ABC Hobart
    • ABC Brisbane
    • 5AA, Adelaide
    • 6PR Perth
    • River 949, Brisbane
    • ABC Sydney
    • 2Day FM, Sydney
    • Triple M, Sydney
    • 2SM, Sydney
    • 2GB, Sydney
    • 2CH, Sydney
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • 2WS, Sydney
    • Mix 106.5, Sydney
    • SBS, Sydney
    • 2CC, Canberra
    • 2CA, Canberra
    • Fox FM, Melbourne
    • Triple M, Melbourne
    • 3AW, Melbourne
    • SEN, Melbourne
    • 3MP, Melbourne
    • Magic FM, Melbourne
    • 4BC, Brisbane
    • 4BH, Brisbane
    • 4KQ, Brisbane
    • 97.4 FM, Brisbane
    • ABC Perth
    • 6PR, Perth
    • 96 FM, Perth



National Friendship Day 

Media Key has run numerous campaigns for Walt Disney consumer products on friendship. The campaigns have strongly linked friendship and Winnie The Pooh (Pooh is the UN international ambassador for friendship).

Our role included everything from creating the shape of the campaign, advice on which charities to support, locking in huge media partners and obtaining the support of high level celebrities.

A major free event held for Friendship Day attracted over 200,000 visitors. Incredibly, no advertising was used for the event … all the promotion was done by Media Key.

Highlights included:

    • Media exposure was valued at $5.7 million
    • TV personality John Wood worked with Media Key on Disney’s Friendship Day
    • TV coverage on many major TV shows
    • Magazine coverage spreading over 8 pages in The Australian Women’s Weekly … Media Key arranged the full support of AWW.
    • Partnerships with radio stations who contributed over $150,000 worth of free airtime and helped drive 200,000 people to one event stage for Friendship Day.
    • Magazine coverage in many publications including NW, TV Week and other magazines.
    • 21 separate magazines ran pieces

Over 150 newspapers ran pieces to support the campaign as a result of media selling



Consumers Health Forum’s Ambulance campaign

A major news campaign was developed to highlight that hundreds of thousands of people currently do not call out an ambulance because of perceived cost.

The campaign highlighted there is huge funding confusion around ambulance services has to be dealt with because ambulances are free in Queensland and Tasmania and not anywhere else.

The campaign’s TV exposure alone was worth around $1.5 million.

public relations agencies- MediakeyA number of TV programs did interviews including:

    • Sunrise on Channel 7
    • Today Show on Channel 9
    • News Breakfast on ABC TV
    • The Project on Channel 10
    • WIN TV News, Canberra

Over 35 radio interviews were generated for the campaign. These included:

    • Radio National Breakfast’s Fran Kelly show
    • 5AA, Adelaide
    • ABC Canberra
    • 6PR, Perth
    • 2CC, Canberra
    • ABC Canberra
    • 2Day FM, Sydney
    • Triple M, Sydney
    • 2GB, Sydney
    • 2CH, Sydney
    • 2WS, Sydney
    • 2SM, Sydney
    • Mix 106.5, Sydney
    • Gold 104.3, Melbourne
    • Mix 101.1, Melbourne
    • 6PR, Perth
    • 96 FM, Perth
    • 2ST, Nowra
    • 2DU, Dubbo
    • 2GN, Goulburn
    • 2NZ, Inverell
    • 2XL, Cooma
    • 2NM, Musswellbrook
    • 2EC, Bega
    • 2RG, Griffith
    • Star FM, Griffith
    • 2WG, Wagga Wagga
    • Star FM, Wagga Wagga
    • 3YB, Warrnambool
    • 2TM, Tamworth
    • 2HD, Newcastle
    • 2LT, Lithgow
    • ABC Riverland and Mallee
    • 2DU, Dubbo
    • 2NM, Muswellbrook
    • 3BA, Ballarat
    • ABC Goldfields, Esperance
    • 2TM, Tamworth

A number of papers ran a piece about the campaign including:

    • The Australian
    • Sydney Morning Herald
    • The Adelaide Advertiser
    • West Australian


The Intensive Care Appeal

Media Key has run numerous campaigns to promote the appeal which is an initiative of the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Foundation in partnership with the ANZ.

The appeal raises money to help intensive care units save more lives.

Highlights of the PR campaign included:

    • The media exposure was valued at $3.9 million
    • Huge celebrity support from over 30 top names including James Bond star Pierce Brosnan, David Boon, Tracey Wickham, Mark Taylor and General Peter Cosgrove
    • Woman’s Day ran 2 major editorial pieces to support the appeal with Olympic legend Debbie Flintoff-King urging Australians to help save a life
    • The Prime Minister of Australia (following Media Key’s approach) launched the appeal at an event that gave strong exposure to the foundation and the ANZ
    • 11 different TV shows gave exposure to the appeal including numerous national programs such as Today Tonight, the 7.30 Report, Sunrise, National Nine News, Sports Tonight and others.
    • Media Key locked in 8 separate capital city radio station partners promoted the appeal
    • Over 300 separate papers ran giveaways to promote the appeal and the ANZ’s involvement - giving the campaign enormous print media exposure. Put simply over half of all Australian newspapers gave exposure to this initiative and to the ANZ.
    • Prime Television donated a substantial amount of regional television airtime free of charge to support the appeal and made a free TV ad



The Happy Little Vegemite Foundation 

This PR program was built to highlight Vegemite’s 80th birthday and the launch of the Happy Little Vegemite Foundation.

The Foundation provided extensive funding to local projects across Australia and there was a huge reaction from local communities to the publicity.

Highlights included:

    • Over $2 million worth of media exposure was generated
    • Tammy van Wisse helped promote Vegemite’s 80th Birthday
    • 587 separate extensive media promotions including television interviews, television news pieces, newspaper promotions, radio promotions and radio interviews
    • 418 separate papers ran a guaranteed promotion for the foundation following Media Key setting up the promotions. In simple terms Media Key generated coverage in over 66% of all Australian newspapers – an enormous result.
    • 18 different major celebrities supported the foundation including international hit film director Baz Luhrmann (Australia, Strictly Ballroom, The Great Gatsby), Steve Moneghetti, James Blundell and Louise Sauvage
    • 32 separate television pieces took place
    • 21 capital city radio newsdesks ran pieces about the foundation’s launch
    • 23 capital city/regional radio interviews
    • 14 capital city radio stations ran promotions for the foundation
    • 79 regional radio stations ran promotions for the foundation


World Rivers Day

Media Key created a powerful and emotional campaign to urge Aussies everywhere to protect our precious rivers.

As part of the initiative we created a major competition which resulted in a high level of entries asking people to photograph their favourite local rivers. The news aspect of the campaign highlighted that 31% of Australia’s rivers have now been damaged in some way.

Media Key sourced numerous celebrities to back and support the campaign.

Sky TV News did an interview nationally about the campaign.

public relations firms80 radio interviews included:

    • 2SM, Sydney
    • 2UE, Sydney
    • 2WS, Sydney
    • Mix 106.5 Sydney
    • 2DAY F, Sydney
    • Triple M, Sydney
    • 2CC, Canberra
    • 1053 2CA, Canberra
    • ABC Canberra
    • 6PR, Perth
    • 6IX, Perth
    • 96 FM, Perth
    • 92.9, Perth
    • 94.5 FM, Perth
    • 4BC, Brisbane
    • 4BH, Brisbane
    • ABC Brisbane
    • ABC Radio Brisbane
    • ABC Radio Hobart
    • ABC Radio Darwin
    • ABC Radio Ballarat
    • 4VL & Hot Country, Charleville
    • ACE Radio, Albury
    • 2GF, Grafton
    • ABC North Queensland, Townsville
    • 2TM, Tamworth
    • 3SR, Shepparton
    • ABC Renmark
    • ABC Sunshine Coast
    • Star FM, Mt. Gambier

A number of celebrities put their name behind the campaign including author Di Morrissey, Olympic swimmer Duncan Armstrong, comedian Wil Anderson, singer/songwriter Ami Williamson, marathon swimmer Tammy van Wisse and comedian Mark Mitchell.

Many politicians put their name behind the campaign as a result of Media Key writing to them and persuading them to support the cause.



Wet ‘n’ Wise

This campaign was designed to promote this major water safety initiative and raise awareness about the dangers water presents. Highlights of the PR campaign we ran included:

    • Media exposure was valued at $1.6 million
    • 9 television interviews
    • Nicky Buckley helped promote anti-drowning messages
    • A national TV promotion ran several community service announcements promoting “Wet ‘n’ Wise”
    • Woman’s Day ran a series of “Wet ‘n’ Wise” water safety columns in four separate magazines
    • 51 photo shoots with newspapers took place for ANZ managers to participate in
    • 12 capital city radio interviews took place




Salvation Army Employment Plus Right Track Employment Express 

This project promoted the “Jobs Train” that travelled across Australia to assist unemployed people.

PR highlights included:

    • Media exposure was valued at $1.8 million
    • Coverage on The Today Show
    • Coverage on Channel Seven’s Sunrise
    • Coverage on National Nine News
    • Coverage on ABC TV News
    • 26 separate television pieces were generated
      for the campaign
    • There were 83 newspaper pieces
    • There were 94 radio news interviews
    • There were 23 feature radio interviews




The launch of Xbox in Australia 

Working with Myer and Microsoft, Media Key was responsible for helping launch Xbox into the market.

Our role included advising on creating high impact TV coverage and creating events in Sydney and Melbourne that resulted in TV coverage that was on air for nearly 24 hours and huge crowds lining up outside Myer stores.

Highlights included:

    • Over $1.5 million worth of media exposure through TV coverage and other promotions
    • Over 90 separate media promotions
    • TV pieces on Sunrise, Channel Seven News, Channel Ten News and many other programs.
    • TV news coverage on all major commercial networks and regional networks.
    • Over 8 major capital city radio promotions including MIX Melbourne and MIX Sydney as well as Austereo
    • TV news coverage nationally for the Xbox launch for nearly 24 hours on all major commercial TV channels



Lend A Hand Week

Media Key was engaged to run a huge PR campaign for a charity initiative supporting Camp Quality.

Many celebrities got involved, there was huge TV exposure and a big reaction from media.
Amongst the highlights were:

    • Over 14 different TV interviews including reports and interviews on A Current Affair, Nightline, The 7.30 Report, Today, National Nine News, Sports Tonight and other shows
    • Steve Waugh was one of the many celebrities Media Key involved in Lend A Hand Week
    • Support from many other top celebrities include, General Peter Cosgrove, Suzie Wilks and Glynis Nunn-Cearns
    • Over 10 different magazine pieces including a four page piece in Who Weekly



King Island Dairy 

Media Key created extensive exposure to celebrate 100 years of dairying on King Island.

Our work included setting up an extensive 1 week promotion on the high rating “Sunrise” program, enormous coverage on many major papers and more.

Highlights included:

    • For King Island Dairy Media Key set up a TV promotion as well as numerous radio promotions
    • A television promotion for one week with Channel 7′s Sunrise show as well as an interview on the program
    • 7 separate capital city radio promotions including a promotion on Magic 693 Melbourne 18 times a day for a week, a promotion on 2UE and promotions on 6PR, 5DN, Magic Hobart, 2CC and 4BC
    • Numerous capital city newspaper pieces including The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Sunday Tasmanian, The Courier Mail, The Mercury, The Adelaide Advertiser, The West Australian, The Canberra Times and other papers
    • A double page spread on King Island and King Island Dairy in Woman’s Day and a promotion with Australian Women’s Weekly

Over 26 separate regional papers ran pieces about King Island Dairy