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Hong Kong, Finland, Backstabbing, Bitterness and Big Shiny Shoes (step forward)

Politics will always be politics …but the simple fact is that it’s time there was much more consensus among our big guns – and much more willingness to fix the big problems.

Passion is no ordinary word

How’s your dial tone?public relations agencies melbourne


How is your dial tone?

I am old enough to remember phones where you put your finger in to dial the number.

Load the cannons …. and fire !

Having worked in both the BBC and ABC … and around the media for over twenty three years … you get a sense of what media love to snaffle up.

Passion is – frankly – everything

There are many reasons why Gen Y is already switched off to politicians trying to communicate to uspublic relations agency australia from a Federal and State level.

Put your screen down and CONNECT

Give yourself a pat on the back.

There’s everything to be said by giving others encouragement and a well earned “pat on the back”.

Know Your Product

ANY successful media encounter needs simple and critical ingredients.

Insight, knowledge and examples.

KNOW your product. Know why you are there and WHAT you are selling.

Express Youself, Strike the Pose.

Without doubt one of the greatest gifts you can have in this wild old life is the gift to express.

And at Media Key it’s something we love to do on behalf of clients.

For Those About to Rock (Gold Stars)

Hard to forget going up to the large piece of cardboard at school and putting a gold star up by my name because the teacher said so.

Always an exciting kiddy kinda moment.

Don’t Be So Negative – But it Helps

20 plus years down the line in PR you learn a thing or two.

You only have one reputation – so look after it and guard it fiercely (we do).

Don’t try to snow journalists – it’s such a waste of energy (we don’t).

You Have Every Right To Expect Excellence.

It IS that simple.

Your PR firm should be excellent – and nothing less … and should always be striving for just that.