Be Visible. Be Seen. Be Heard.

All too often companies make huge mistakes around publicity and PR.

They react and don’t pro-act.

They take the view that “advertising” and “marketing” are the key tools for the brand or message.

Who – deep down – really believes that what they see on an ad is actually real? Advertising can – gee – be amazingly clever and terribly terribly entertaining and charmingly witty. Isn’t that what it is?

There to entertain and to offer a huge amount of advertising perspective. I’m not going to be teaching my kids any time soon that what they see on a TV ad is in any way a reflection of reality.

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They already know that.

What companies forget is the true power and the huge influence of PR. PR companies in Australia are working hard to COMMUNICATE and to get critical messages to the audience.

The reality is that PR is a very very powerful tool to get messages across and expose your brand to the audience.

Also, it’s nearly always done in an editorial context … and consumers rightfully place more trust and more faith in editorial.

PR firms in Australia are quite aware that audiences are now very sophisticated. They are pulling their messages out of thin air from many many sources. Accordingly any PR program worth its table salt is going to use a multi-platform approach to hit the targets. Digital media. Traditional media. A wide variety of media outlets. Sophisticated messages all focused on truth. Media Key believes the days of “spin” are over. Excellence in communication is all about finding central angles that will attract media and the audience and giving media a reason to want to talk to you.

When selecting a Public Relations agency, one of the first things we say to clients is “does your agency put the hard yards in to find the real messages and the real hooks to the song you want to sing?” PR is about hooks and triggers. Media – under more pressure than ever – want stories that inform and educate. They expect Australian PR companies to provide quality detailed information. Hot air and hot waffle are never welcome. Quality messages, carefully crafted and cleverly thought through will always have their moment in the sun.

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Many companies remain reactive only.

It’s a huge mistake.

You only have to take a look at the media you watch, read or listen to to see this.

There are many organisations out there commenting on issues and leading the charge. These organisations are insightful, informed and totally on the front foot. They are out there to lead debate and get messages heard. It’s these kind of organisations we deeply admire because there’s always room for another voice and another message.

Media will often tell you quietly they get a little sick of the same old people chasing them with another version of the same message. Much of our success has come from the fact that we are a Public Relations agency that is focused on creating fresh dynamic new messaging. That’s what gets attention. It’s what gets you the date … and the next dance too.

And in the end, it’s all about the dance. Garth Brooks once powerfully said he would have hated to have missed the dance. Opportunities are always out there. What it is all about is being ready and being researched. It’s about having the mission and understanding how to relate that message straight to the audience.

The last thing you would ever want to see at the Olympics is a group of athletes all crouched at the starting blocks after the starting gun has fired.

We say this. Be out there. Be visible. Be seen. Be heard. Be you. Starting blocks were made to run from.

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